When It’s Time To Break Camp And Advance

Forty-three days ago I arrived into this city and the sunshine and salty sea air that awaited me.


But never would I have thought that forty-three days later I’d be calling this place home; the prospect of exploring this iconic city and my own capabilities captivating.

And so we now conclude Week 1.

The doubts that have hindered much of my forward progress over the past few years reared their heads early on; so close they were to snaring me in their suffocating trap once again.

Riding the bus home Monday evening after day one of my new job, I was not sure if I’d make day two. Overcome with fatigue and anxiety; overwhelmed by knowledge and new faces. My self belief seemed to have slipped from my grasp.

I closed my eyes and prayed for God’s hand to come and free me from this burden upon my chest. My mind returned to the teachings from the previous night’s service at Hillsong church:

‘You have stayed at this mountain long enough.’ – Deuteronomy 1:6.

I’m not a big one for the flashing lights and pumping music for which Hillsong are known but this message shared by A21 founder Christine Caine was one that really struck a chord with me.

Indeed, after a day – in fact many years – engulfed by these anxious waves and overcome at times by this feeling of overwhelming self-doubt, it was time for me to break camp and advance in faith toward the promises God has made.

For too many years the evil one has tormented me with reflections upon my past failures and shortcomings; reminding me incessantly of the pain felt from those many years of social and financial struggle.

So far his endeavours have proved successful; so far he has allowed these memories of the past to so powerfully damage the steps I take toward my future.

No more.

I have stayed at this mountain long enough.

This week to come will provide an array of its own new and unique challenges though I am surefooted in my steps forward now in knowledge of God’s enduring promise and protecting hand.

I need not worry.


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