Opening Up In Faith

So closed off I have been; as if I’ve been guarding some big secret; withholding the wonder of God from those that need it most.

Why have I felt embarrassed to share these deeply held beliefs of mine? Where is the conviction in my faith?

Such are the tricks the devil plays on us; to allow the fear of social abandonment and isolation from our comfortable though sinful surrounds to conceal God’s amazing love.

So cunning is he who has so carefully crafted this world to make us feel this way.

So deeply rooted it is in our psychological make up that we so naturally flee from such uncomfortable situations. And yet they are precisely the hurdles we need to face in order to attain God’s full glory.

God, keep me strong now. Help me to say no in the face of such powerful tempters and temptations.

I thank you again for this path you are leading me on. I thank you for the people and opportunities you are introducing to me.

I ask you to reach out your hand to help these worldly wanderers; that you will enlighten them and guide them back to the path for which you intended.

God, I ask that should it be in your will for my journey, that you create for me the opportunities to share your wonder with them; that moments will arise in which I can show to them just how amazing you truly are.

Please, Lord, strengthen me with the skills you need me to possess for the week ahead. I will now face situations I have not faced before; I humbly place my anxieties for these at your feet.

I trust your guiding hand no matter how uncomfortable or inadequate I may feel.

Father, I am yours.




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