The Lure Of Worldly Pleasure

This new adventure certainly has come with its temptations.

Every day I am surrounded by such beauty; beauty in the form of exotic cars, luxurious apartments, Michelin starred breakfasts and, of course, babes.

“Paywave, Sir?”

I tap my credit card with an air of nonchalance as I purchase my morning coffee and $22 Chorizo breakfast dish whilst gazing confidently across the top of the Ferrari and Bentley parked opposite.

I cannot help but dream of such a lifestyle.

Though hidden beneath my confident gaze is one big gulp of financial insecurity. Wind back the clock and just an hour earlier I was waking up on a couch with my life piled on the chair opposite.

It was nice to watch my bank balance grow over the past month; the taste of financial freedom as sweet as it was distracting and invariably tempting. Inevitably the bill bandit came to return me to the realms of reality.

The pain.

As I stand here breathing in the morning air perfumed by the sweet smell of Italian leather drifting from the open top of the prancing horse next to me, I am lead to a poignant realisation:

God lead me here to grow closer to Him; to His calling for my life. He lead me here to learn more about his wonderful works and ultimately to spread His name to the world.

And whilst I pray for financial security and the freedom to travel and adventure to further bring glory to His name, the devil craftily uses such answers to prayer to tempt me into this false sense of personal accomplishment.

These fruits from my labour are not my own; such an easy lie this is to fall into believing. Satan will use these small successes and freedoms created along the way, these answers to prayer, to trick me into thinking that I can do this on my own.

So easy it is to fall into the comfort of worldly pleasure.

And so I must pray now for the wisdom to discern good from that disguised; that the sweet taste of these fruits will be eternal and not those shallow and short-lived.

We are at constant war; these games of deception everlasting.

Indeed, this is the challenge of life.



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