How Shall Our Generation Be Defined?

The greatest gift we can ever receive in our lives is life itself.

We defied the odds. We are lucky. So lucky.

Grateful I am for this opportunity. To waste I will not let it go.

I am victorious, from the moment I was born.

My life was not formed out of chance. Ludicrous it is to think that my beliefs, ideas, dreams and ambitions arose simply from luck. Too powerful they are.

I am but one, though called, as we all are, to a purpose I do not yet fully understand. Though true it is. As true as the knowledge we all share that no matter how hopeless things may seem, the sun will rise again and a new day will dawn.

Hope is life’s one constant. We are blessed. I am grateful. Through suffering I will grow. With strength, not my own, I will endure.

Now, with our purposes combined, we will thrive, and this is how our generation shall be defined.


Originally published on Greatness Via Passion, 2014.


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