The Moments That Make Me

All of the awkward silences,
The sleepless nights,
The tear soaked pillows,
The tossing, the turning and the toiling.

All of the blood, the sweat,
The anguish and the heartache.
The ups and the downs
And of course all of the broken promises.

The betrayal, the devastation;
Innumerable days filled with ponder, hoping.
All of the moments of financial insecurity and uncertainty;
The moments of wonder: How will I survive exactly?

Though despite my struggles,
I am still here.
I am still fighting.
I am still alive.

These moments have made me who I am today;
I am thankful for these testing times.
They give me the strength, the courage – the fight.
These moments serve as my inspiration.

My destiny draws ever closer.
This is my life, my dream.
It is real.
It is happening.

I will never give up.


Originally published on Greatness Via Passion, 2014.


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