Breakthroughs: When Your Psychologist Hits Home

She leaned forward, smiling, gently ascending from the sofa to conclude that day’s appointment.

She looked across at me and stared me deep in the eye. Confidently, though quietly, as if it were a secret I was only just discovering, she said:

“You’ve created a pretty amazing life for yourself, Paul, haven’t you?”

My life flashed before my eyes.

Had I?

Had I really created an amazing life?

Sat in the backpack beneath my feet was my journal whose pages were filled with the enormity of my failures. All of the things I started but didn’t finish. All of the opportunities I had needlessly thrown away. All of those times I had let doubt overtake my desire for success.

Again, had I really created an amazing life?

So easy it is to focus on all that has gone wrong. So easy it to focus on all that I wish had become my reality. So easy it is to focus on ‘what could have been’.

But what good does any of this do?

It is only through the recognition and acceptance of my past that enables the potential in my future. So many lessons from which to learn and apply. So many.

And from those, even thus far, I guess I have been able to create a pretty amazing life for myself.

When I take a moment to focus on the good things life becomes rather amazing.

Today, for example, the sun is shining, I’m living in an incredible city having lunch by the beach, surrounded by amazing friends, with the prospect of adventure being always just a day or two away.

Breathing deeply now.

Things could be worse.




One thought on “Breakthroughs: When Your Psychologist Hits Home

  1. Hope you’re feeling lighter mate. I’ve found that the harder the time we’re going through, the more our perspective shrinks until we’re just looking down a tunnel with just a glimpse of light to be seen. Think of every thing you go through as character building, because ultimately it is. Failure or success, you’ve got experience to share. Also go back through your books, as I often do and we see all the moments we’ve live where we’ve forgotten all our worries. As always, I’m looking forward to next time.

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