Notes On The Future of ‘Life Of PJ’

The ascension of ladders placed upon the ivory walls of a stable and secure normality has grown far from the cup of tea from which I hope to drink. Indeed I feel there to be so much more to see, experience, discover, unlock and to change.

Call me an idealist if you will but I have come recently to know exactly what I want to do with my time here on Earth:

I want to travel, I want to connect, I want to share and I want to inspire.

But this I’ve written about before.

What I really want is freedom. 

Freedom from debt. Freedom from the shackles of the nine to five. Freedom from the suffocating confines of brick and mortar and bosses who seem always to place ‘the business’ on such a pedestal that they forget the people working tirelessly in its shadow holding it up and carrying it forward.

Intrinsically linked to the purpose with which I feel blessed is the need to understand the planet on which we live and the people with whom I share this journey. And though the exact reason for this I do not yet fully understand, I must not delay.

The many talents of mine left dormant within must now be tapped; the omens along my path must no longer be ignored for reasons of fear or inadequacy. The time has come to reap what I have sowed through my many hours of darkness.

Yes, the sun is now rising to awaken a spirit fresh with vim and vigor.

I am guided by the desire to share my journey with honesty, authenticity and transparency and hope this journey we share will spark further ideas and inspiration within both you and I as we rally others along our route.

Patience, now.




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