An Eternal Possibility: What Will You Create?

Dare to dream, they say.

Shoot for the stars!

Better to aim for the moon and to hit a tree than to aim for a tree and to hit a rock.

So focused we have come to be on what comes next. On where we are going. On where we want to be; on who we want to become.

It is a mark that is forever moving. It will always be this way. Our dreams change because we change. We are not the same person that we were five years ago. Nor will we be the same person five years from now.

I must remind you, we have in life only three things:

Memories of the past, dreams of the future and now.

But there is of course only one constant through all: Now.

One moment. Not bound to a timeline. Now is forever.

Remove from your mind this concept of time with which we have grown so familiar. The idea that there is a beginning and an end. I cannot overlook the challenge in doing this of course. It is all that we know.

And yet still I ask, expand your mind.

This moment will never end. Even in the absence of all, this moment will endure.

And thus we realise that the concept of an eternity, or dare I say, an ‘eternal being’, is not so hard to comprehend after all. Nor our own ability to be creators.

And so I must ask:

What will you create?



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