G’day, I’m Pauly J!

Welome to my life. The Life of PJ.

I love to write. As I’ve jumped from one job to the next over the past six years since leaving school, it’s been the one consistent thing in my life.

I had another blog – Greatness Via Passion – that was my blogging home for about five years. But earlier this year I freshened things up a bit.

I blog about all sorts of things. Mainly mental health related stuff. But also love, travel, philosophy, a bit of poetry… All that kind of jazz.

I like to think I’m a funny guy. But I’m also very deep… So expect a mix of both to come through my writing.

I’m always up for connections and collaborations with brands, bloggers and readers. So feel free to drop me a line through any of the means below 😀

Facebook – www.facebook.com/gdayitspaulyj

Instagram – @gdayitspaulyj

Twitter – @gdayitspaulyj

Email – gdayitspaulyj@gmail.com

I’m very much looking forward to sharing this adventure with you all!

PJ 😀


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