Continuity of Adventure

To be ready?

What is ready?

I seek to write. And to travel.

It is simple.

Though if I am not ready for that, then I guess I should put down my pen, end my lease here in Sydney and return ‘home’ to Brisbane.

Because, after all, for what I say I am not ready, I am already doing.



Dreams to Travel and Inspire

It was the end of 2015 and I’d just returned from England. I was unemployed, reluctantly looking for work and with it a return to normal Australian life.

Each day I would get up and sit out on the back patio with my laptop. I was meant to be on Seek looking for jobs. Instead I would have my journal out and be writing about where I would rather be and what I would rather be doing.

I would look up to the sky and watch the planes fly overhead. I would dream of being on them and of all the amazing places they could take me.

Two years have now passed. Still I have those same dreams. Between then and now I have transitioned many a job and found myself living in Sydney. The moment the first plane flew overhead my Coogee flat on final approach I knew this was where I was meant to be, even if only for now.

As I write this, I am sat on my balcony with my feet up, a clear view of the beach in front of me and watch as plane after plane fly into their destination.

I know that I will soon be on those planes and living my dreams. And as I descend on final approach to destinations all over the world, I will look down upon those looking up at me with the same dreams I once had and am now living out. I will remember how I felt and the struggles I faced in arriving at that moment. And I will remember the purpose and responsibility I have in doing so:

To inspire.


When You Just Need To Write…

They call it a stream of consciousness. Where you just start writing and don’t stop to read over what you are writing. That’s what I’m doing now.

I haven’t written for a while. I don’t know where the weeks are going! I’ve been through an interesting period as of late. Financial doom loomed large for a period. Miraculously I was able to pull through with the help of close friends. It was a re-commitment to my connection with a higher purpose. It was the embrace of what Tony Robbins describes as ‘absolute certainty’.  It was the knowledge that things were going to be okay no matter what. That the job, the flat, the friends and the opportunities I required would come. And they did. Through patience, prayer and persistence I was able to endure.

And so I sit here today ready to start work. I don’t feel too great. Sydney’s cold and rainy weather is taking its toll with illness slowly setting in. I’ve wanted to write more. But I’ve been distracted by life and things that are happening. Study, now, that has recommenced. Marketing. Advertising. I love it! The pursuit of a deeper understanding of human psychology. Behavioural economics. It’s fascinating!

I didn’t see myself studying this year. I’d put it on hold last year when work and other projects got in the way. Instead I’d entertained ideas of travel and adventure. Dreams in which I saw myself downsizing my life, packing my bags and setting off on a journey around the world! That’s what I had in my mind for 2017. And yet a relationship, short-lived albeit, opened my mind to some ideas that I hadn’t previously considered. It made me realise that the talents I have could no longer be allowed to remain undeveloped and unrefined; that I needed to invest greater time into understanding and expanding my knowledge base. And so within a week the decision to return to study seemed obvious. And with it a return to a dream I first had at the age of eleven.

Let me add that this relationship was rather disappointing in the end. Though short, it didn’t seem that way. And so heartbreak was an unfortunate consequence of its quick demise. Though I recognize the important part it played in my forward steps. It reminded me of underlying anger and the passion I have for empathy and selfless nature. It is hard for me to write. Still there is a wound to heal. This realm can be a times all too confusing.

But still I march on. Making plans. Assessment deadlines loom. I am progressing. This feels good. I acknowledge and embrace the sacrifices I must make in order to fulfill this grand vision. It is hard to say no to social invitations when for so long this was all my soul craved. Acceptance. Belonging. Sure, there is a balance I must find. And in this space I feel I am also making progress. But still I must not allow myself to become distracted.

Every day I add thoughts and ideas to the journal I carry around with me. Thoughts and ideas on businesses, speeches and changes I hope to soon create in the world. Improvements. I don’t know exactly how all of these ideas will unite to guide my direction. But slowly I feel I am getting there.

I carry a US $1 bill with me in my wallet leftover from my time in California last year. It serves as motivation that pushes me toward the next phase of learning I will embark on. Sometimes you just know when something feels right. And so very quickly this has become my goal. A return to the US  to connect and to learn.

Surely things will only get harder from here. My patience for ‘the simple life’ I am currently lead to live will wear thin I’m sure. And yet in honesty to myself I must confess that all these visions and dreams I have are not self-created. And with that in mind I must realise that the strength I must find to achieve such feats will only come from the same origin.

And so I look up.


The Craziest Year Yet: 2016 In Review

To review this crazy year, I had originally planned to post an array of my favourite pictures. Pictures like these…


And these…


Pictures that showcased ‘just how much of an amazing time I had’.

Yes, this year has been pretty wild! I have moved from Brisbane to Sydney. I have traveled to Perth and back to Brisbane for both my sister and brother’s weddings. I have traveled to America. I have had the joy of making so many new friends from all over the world – some of whom I will call friends for life!


I have solidified my passion for adventure and thirst for the outdoors. Countless days have been spent trekking, stand up paddle-boarding, surfing and kayaking…


I have even made an appearance on Home and Away and explored my creative and theatrical side!


I might say this every year, but I really do think that I’ve grown more this year than I ever have before.

Friends have challenged me more than they ever have before. I’ve explored new perspectives and come to realise and to pursue an entirely new outlook on life.

My faith has been challenged and tested beyond belief. And I can say now that, as a result, it has grown to become stronger than it’s ever been before, though it might look and feel different than it ever has before. But that’s a good thing. I know that it is.

Over the past year I’ve experienced the pinnacle of joy and the deepest devastation of despair. There have been moments in which I have had to go into the office to scream out in joy whilst there were other moments in which I had to go into the office only to lay down on the floor and cry helplessly.

I have spent time in the mental heath ward of the local hospital and I have spent time homeless. There were a few months spent couch surfing and even a few nights spent sleeping in my car…

2016 has been tumultuous to say the least and yet the more I write this, the more I realise just how amazing a year it has been!

Though still it would not be fair to post photos as a ‘highlights reel’. Because I’m sure we can all do that; we can all cherry pick the good moments and hide the bad – that’s pretty much what social media has become these days.

The truth is, this year has tested me beyond belief: Financially, psychologically, emotionally, physically, spiritually… There were moments in which I really began to doubt whether I would be able to make it through to the following day.

And yet this brings me to acknowledge all those people who helped to pick me up and to carry me forward in the moments in which I could not carry myself.

I am so grateful.

Aside from all the adventures, it’s the people that have made this year so special; people who I am stoked to be able to call friends and people who I am stoked to be able to share my life with over the many years to come.

Whilst at times it might feel we can do this alone, the truth is, we need each other. It is only together that we can achieve the greatness that awaits us.

Happy New Year team!





23 Things I Learned As A 23-Year Old

What an unbelievable year!

Since the age of thirteen the number twenty-three has been an important one for me. Inspired by my hero Mark Webber’s first number in Formula One, it would go on to become my number of choice throughout my stint racing go karts, growing then to hold significance across many other areas of my life in the decade that has followed.

Thus, the year being twenty-three was much anticipated!

I can’t say the year didn’t come without its difficulties, the details of which I will save for future blogs/books, though I can share and reflect on many of the lessons these difficulties taught me. Lessons that I’m sure now never to forget!

  1. Don’t be afraid to say no to the wrong opportunity, however amazing that opportunity might seem. Trust your gut.
  2. Be able to recognise when you’re doing some half-arsed. Take the time to understand why and reflect on your TRUE motivation in life. Chase that instead.
  3. You always know what you really want to be doing… Don’t let the bullshit the world tells you lead you away from that or lead you into thinking it’s not possible.
  4. Learn to recognise the omens presented throughout life. Trust them. Don’t be afraid to take a leap into the unknown.
  5. Don’t be afraid to tell your friends when they’re out of line. Co-workers too. And be ready to receive the same back!
  6. Take the time to understand the problem, yes, but always remember to steer yourself toward a solution. Don’t let emotion take over. Always be solution focused.
  7. When you feel your blood boiling, an argument brewing, pause, breathe, then speak. Repeat as many times as necessary. Revisit lesson number 6 if required.
  8. Anger is a good thing. But only when focused on the things you’re passionate about changing in the world. When someone is really pissing you off, remember that passion. Save the emotional outburst you want to unleash on them for what really matters. Channel that energy positively. Don’t waste it.
  9. Stop being so patient! Impatience creates impetus. It forces action and gets things done. Sometimes these things just take longer than we’d hope/like… Find a healthy balance between the two.
  10. Things don’t have to be perfect to get the result you want. Let your passion shine through. And if this passion isn’t bright enough for everyone to see, do something else. Something that you’re really passionate about. Life is short.
  11. Money is only money. Credit cards are helpful when you’re in the shit and need to survive a difficult period! Don’t let debt ruin your life. Accept it and work to fix it. Your bank balance, whether positive or negative, doesn’t define who you are or what you’re capable of achieving in the future.
  12. It’s not weird to compliment someone. In fact, actively look for opportunities to make someone’s day! Life’s so much better this way. Share the love.
  13. Own your situation. All parts of it. Don’t be embarrassed to say you only have one clean shirt to wear. Or that you’re broke and couch surfing until you have enough money for your own flat. It’s your story. Be proud of what you’re in the process of creating.
  14. True joy is found in simplicity. Don’t burden your life with meaningless shit just to fill your cupboards and bookshelves to fool yourself and others into thinking you lead a successful life. Focus on what’s important. People. Passion. Purpose.
  15. The best business meetings are held on the beach or in the water and are definitely not in a suit or tie! Mix it up. Get out of the cafe. Take your coffee down to the sand. Get out your notepad. And talk ideas in the sunshine!
  16. Sleeping in a car is terribly uncomfortable but not the end of the world! Silence your ego and do whatever is necessary to draw closer to your Personal Legend. Revisit lesson number 13.
  17. Being employed in job is better than not being employed at all! Don’t let the sexy career trajectory outlined in your CV lead you to believe your better than any role. There are always new things we can learn in life. And on that note:
  18. A leader is so much more than just a person who sits at the top of an organisational chart. You can lead and inspire from wherever you sit in the hierarchy. In fact, the mark of a true leader is someone who can do just that.
  19. Send out positive energies to the universe each and every day to attract the people you need in your life. Become acutely aware of the people that you’re just keeping around because you’re scared of being alone…
  20. Doing one small thing each day that gets you closer to your ultimate goal is better than doing a million other things that only stress you out and cause you to take ‘mental health days’ off work.
  21. Laying on the office floor for twenty minutes a day listening to meditation playlists and breathing is not a waste of time. Instead, taking the time to bring yourself back to a place of intimate connection with your surrounds instead of worrisome thought is perhaps the most valuable use of our time.
  22. Never forget the miracles that have occurred in your life. Stay true to yourself and be thankful for the helping hands, whether seen or unseen, that have guided and supported your journey.
  23. The power of prayer and faith continues to astound. Just as the universe is ever-expanding, God’s love and wonder too. Remember this.

Let’s see what the next twelve months have in store. To say I am merely excited would be a tremendous understatement!


When You Pray For A Sign And Get A Billboard

I arrived home last night, frustrated, angry, anxious. I lay in bed, my hands trembling, my body slowly curling up into a ball. My thoughts were racing, none good. I messaged friends though my enthusiasm for conversation flirted with record lows.

There was no reason to be feeling this way. Aside from an afternoon spent running around Sydney’s CBD trying to find a toilet, a PowerPoint to charge my phone and laptop, and a chilled place to sit and study. I failed in my quest and felt myself slipping further and further behind.

There was so much to do.

I really didn’t know what to do. So I started to pray. I asked for calm and clarity. Direction. SOMETHING. Something that made what I should do next in my life that little bit more obvious. I asked only that this revelation would be clear. That I would be able to differentiate it from life’s many ‘coincidences’.

Inevitably, mid-prayer, I got distracted. I started checking Facebook again. Then Instagram. I decided to re-edit some photos from the day. Earlier I had posted a selfie (a rarity), though another similar photo I began to edit. As I flicked through filters, played with the lux, structure and fade, I noticed something…

What was that in the background?

A sign. Literally. A literal sign. A billboard.

‘You Make The Leap.’


The sign was clear. It was time for me to believe. It was time for me to make the leap.

Whichever God that is who continues to love me in such amazing ways, he’s a pretty top bloke.

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Surrendering To The Beat, Surrendering To The Father


I raise my hands in unison with the hundreds around me and scream at the top of my lungs. Our fists pump the air. Our smiles beam. The lasers and stunning visual effects reflect our euphoria.

On stage the guitarist lets loose. His silhouette magnifies the joy we all feel. We jump as one. The decision to wear a sweater now haunts me. The tee underneath approaches saturation point. But I don’t care. No one does.

As the beat shakes my bones and soul as one, my arms raised, pumping uncontrollably, my hips joining in on the fun, I have a thought:

So easy it is for me to raise my hands. So easy it is for me to lose control. So easy it is for me to lose myself. Here, in such a worldly environment, surely many of those around me ‘tripping’, I am completely consumed by my surrounds. Could it be the beers, the rum and cokes, that are making me feel this way? No. This feels different. The beat, the energy, the company – everything.

Just like that time a few months ago in which I found myself rocking out my best attempt at a Samba in a Brazilian club near Bondi at 1am. Never had my smile grown so large. Never had I felt so free.

And yet, put me in a church, at 6pm on a Sunday night, the music pumping, the crowd jumping, just as they are now, and you’ll find my hands in my pockets, my lips sealed, my eyes scanning the audience blankly, waiting for the moment that I can ‘take my seat’.

Despite all of those around me surrendering to God wholeheartedly, I cannot help but feel embarrassed to raise my hands and sing out His glorious name. I cannot help but feel I would be judged. But why?

It is only now, in writing these words, in reflecting on such feelings, such emotions, such dilemma, that I realise what is in fact happening here.

Wordly deceit. Evil tricks. Evil itself.

It is, of course, the evil one who is playing these games with my self-esteem; these games with my confidence and ability to surrender, to confess, to profess my relationship with God to all those that surround me in witness. Such a contrast in feelings between environments can only be attributed to such cause.

For many thousands of years he has been crafting these methods of trickery, refining the means for this devious deception. So young, naiive, unskilled I am to withstand such advances on the relationship I have with my creator.

To look within to find the strength to overcome such challenges will surely only result in my imminent demise. For the strength required to overcome such evil can only be found in the Father Himself. The Father of all. The bearer of all knowledge. The infinitely wise.


It is the only way.

Just as these trials will continue to repeat themselves, that needed repeating. To God I must look. Yes, again, it is the only way.

‘You are the way, the truth and the life.’

The Lure Of Worldly Pleasure

This new adventure certainly has come with its temptations.

Every day I am surrounded by such beauty; beauty in the form of exotic cars, luxurious apartments, Michelin starred breakfasts and, of course, babes.

“Paywave, Sir?”

I tap my credit card with an air of nonchalance as I purchase my morning coffee and $22 Chorizo breakfast dish whilst gazing confidently across the top of the Ferrari and Bentley parked opposite.

I cannot help but dream of such a lifestyle.

Though hidden beneath my confident gaze is one big gulp of financial insecurity. Wind back the clock and just an hour earlier I was waking up on a couch with my life piled on the chair opposite.

It was nice to watch my bank balance grow over the past month; the taste of financial freedom as sweet as it was distracting and invariably tempting. Inevitably the bill bandit came to return me to the realms of reality.

The pain.

As I stand here breathing in the morning air perfumed by the sweet smell of Italian leather drifting from the open top of the prancing horse next to me, I am lead to a poignant realisation:

God lead me here to grow closer to Him; to His calling for my life. He lead me here to learn more about his wonderful works and ultimately to spread His name to the world.

And whilst I pray for financial security and the freedom to travel and adventure to further bring glory to His name, the devil craftily uses such answers to prayer to tempt me into this false sense of personal accomplishment.

These fruits from my labour are not my own; such an easy lie this is to fall into believing. Satan will use these small successes and freedoms created along the way, these answers to prayer, to trick me into thinking that I can do this on my own.

So easy it is to fall into the comfort of worldly pleasure.

And so I must pray now for the wisdom to discern good from that disguised; that the sweet taste of these fruits will be eternal and not those shallow and short-lived.

We are at constant war; these games of deception everlasting.

Indeed, this is the challenge of life.